Stop Soap Sweating With This Melt & Pour Soap Base!

Live in an area with high humidity? You’ve probably experienced moisture wreaking havoc on some of your personal items. In the soap-making industry, one of the most common issues that humidity causes for bars of soap is sweating. Sweating makes a soap bar look frosty as water droplets form on the surface.

Glycerin, a natural humectant, is often found as an ingredient in many bar soaps to help the skin retain moisture as it remains on the skin after washing. However, this ingredient is also the cause of soap sweating, as it draws moisture from the air onto the soap.

Good news for you, soapmakers! We’ve recently added a new soap base to our growing product line specifically formulated for combating soap sweating. Melt and Pour Soap Base – Crystal WNS (C1085) is a white, opaque vegetable-based soap that does not contain glycerin. WNS simply means White No Sweat — it acts just like any of our other opaque Stephenson M&P Soap Bases with great fragrance lift and foaming capability.

Melt and pour soap bases are ideal for small or medium-sized businesses. No need for large-scale industrial equipment: just melt, add your fragrance and any colorants, pour into your mold, throw in any other additives and let it set!

Buy this M&P Soap Base – Crystal WNS and other soap-making ingredients at wholesale prices at!