Three New Oils Added to Our Catalog!

As you probably know, every essential oil carries its own unique aroma, purpose, and benefits. They have a multitude of different uses, such as aromatherapy, topical applications with carrier oils, perfumery, skincare, and even as a flavoring agent for those that are GRAS listed (Generally Recognized as Safe for Consumption). Our growing portfolio is a top priority at Jedwards, and over the past month, we’ve added several new essential oils to our lineup.

Cassia Oil – Organic (E1029)

We have been offering conventional Cassia oil for quite some time, but now we have an organic certified variety! Extracted from the tree Cinnamomum cassia, this oil is spicy and warming. These qualities make it popular in aromatherapy and massage oils, as it is not just warm in aroma but also stimulates the skin when applied. Cassia is related to cinnamon but carries a less sweet profile. You may recognize the name as one of the ingredients used as an anointing oil in the Bible. It is used in the food industry as a flavoring agent or cinnamon replacement. In Asia, especially China, it has been used medicinally for centuries.  

Neroli Oil (E1100)

Neroli oil is an essential oil distilled from Citrus aurantium, known as the bitter orange. The scent of neroli is quite unique, balancing bitter and sweet as well as spicy and floral notes. The fragrance of Neroli may have been popularized by the 17th-century duchess of the Nerola region, partially due to its warm and inviting output, generally associated with a positive atmosphere.  Neroli oils has taken off in the marketplace, growing steadily in popularity in perfumery, colognes, aromatherapy candle-making, and soap-making. The cosmetic and personal care industries have jumped on board as well, adding neroli oil to a variety of topical everyday products!

Marjoram Oil (EHM1100)

Marjoram, a cousin to oregano, has been used in culinary applications for ages—particularly popular when roasting geese! Marjoram oil is added to dishes just like the herb, either blended into your cooking oil of choice or drizzled on top!  This zesty-scented essential oil reportedly gives off a calming and soothing aroma, making it no surprise its commonplace throughout spas and massage therapy as well!

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