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October is National Pet CBD Month!

Along with the spooky holiday and beautiful foliage that comes this month, it’s also Pet CBD Month! Founded in 2019 by Paw CBD, this month, the industry wants to shed light on CBD and how it may be used for and benefit animals. CBD and its usage for humans has been used for many years,…

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We Love Our Farmers!

Today, October 12th, is National Farmer’s Day. This day, once called Old Farmer’s Day, has been recognized since the early 1800s in America. Other countries have their own farmers’ days to celebrate on different days, but here in October, it’s harvest season—the perfect time to reflect on what’s produced over the course of the year….

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Enhance Your Relaxation With Essential Oils

Stress, one of the biggest and sneakiest causes of many physical ailments! It leads to muscle tension, headaches, gastrointestinal symptoms, and certainly doesn’t do the heart any favors. Everyone can benefit from adopting a routine that naturally reduces your stress levels, taking time for yourself, and your health. Popular methods include baths, meditation, reading, connecting…

photo of ripe mangoes

Celebrate Mango Butter on National Mango Day!

Which exotic fruit is a great additive to smoothies, desserts, salsas, or simply considered a highly prized melon by itself? July 22nd is National Mango Day, so we’re talking about mangoes! An edible stone fruit native to the south and southeastern Asian region, this sweet fruit is perhaps more than 5,000 years old. While we…

Happy President’s Day

In 1885, Washington’s birthday became a federal holiday and was celebrated on February 22nd. However in 1971, it was changed to President’s Day under the Uniform Federal Holiday’s Act. President’s Day is now celebrated the third Monday in February in an attempt to create more three-day weekends for American workers. Somehow this federal holiday has…

Happy New Year Savings!

We can’t think of a better way to welcome in 2019 than to offer a discount on the following amazing natural, raw ingredients.  For the month of January only, enjoy 10% off small pack sizes on the following:  Avocado Oil (S1020), Orange Oil – Cold Pressed (EHM1170) and Sunflower Lecithin – Powder Organic (S1611). 

Desirable Discounts for November

November, most notably known in the United States for the holiday tradition of Thanksgiving, can also be a great month to take advantage of these terrific discounted ingredients.  Corn Oil – non-GMO (S1155), Eucalyptus Oil, Smithii Organic (EHM1051) and Yacon Syrup – Organic (G1250) are all offered for the month of November only at a…

Special September Discounts

What better way to celebrate Fall than to offer super discounts on three great ingredients!  Canola Oil – non-GMO (S1100), Tea Tree Oil – Australian (EHM1141) and Soy Lecithin – Liquid Non-GMO (S1602) are all being offered at 10% off on orders of pails, gallons, and smaller pack sizes only; Not applicable to drum orders…