NEW: Double Boiled Linseed Oil with Dryer

On the hunt for a natural finish for woodcrafts? Our latest product, Double Boiled Linseed Oil, is a classic choice for effectively protecting and enhancing natural wood.

Pressed from the dried, ripened flax seeds of Linum usitatissimum, Linseed oil is hailed as one of the finest options for waterproofing and sealing unfinished wood. This product stands out from regular linseed oil as it goes through a boiling process and contains a drying agent, resulting in a material with a much quicker drying speed compared to raw linseed oil.

Linseed oil has been used in wood crafting for centuries. It protects against minor surface damage, grazes, and watermarks—though this material alone should not be used for outdoor protection. This material is ideally used on indoor furniture and objects to reduce the impact of everyday wear and tear and exposure to moisture.

In addition to protection, many crafters prefer the aesthetic of finished wood. Linseed oil enhances the natural color and grain of the wood without being overly glossy. It is used in furniture restoration and woodworking by people of all skill levels due to its ease of use and quick drying speed.

Wood is not the only material that benefits from linseed oil! Using this oil on steelwork, stone, and concrete protects the surface against water and damage, and can enhance the overall appearance. Linseed oil is a major ingredient in oil paints and oil paint mediums, as a carrier and to increase drying efficiency.

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