Candlemakers Delight: All New Wax Blends!

At Jedwards, we are always seeking to expand our portfolio with the best ingredients for our customers, which is why we have revitalized our candle wax product line to bring you four new candle wax options!

The container wax blends have a smooth appearance, excellent glass adhesion, superb scent throw, and low melting points with long burn periods. They can be personalized with scents and colors to create the perfect candle for any occasion, with 8-10% or less being the recommended added fragrance level for these candle waxes. A higher percentage may require additional oil-binding additives depending on your formulation.

Our new Candle Wax SFW 5806 (B4180) provides a great neutral base for pillar candle making with a higher melting point. It can be blended with fragrance and color additives and poured into a mold of your choice.

In addition to these wax blends, we have also recently added Bayberry Wax and Organic Natural Beeswax available in block form! Both of these waxes are commonly procured for candle making applications in addition to cosmetic and personal care formulations.

Stay tuned as we add more to our natural wax selection! Visit for available pack sizes at wholesale pricing today.