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Cinco de Mayo Spotlight: Agave Nectar

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we want to celebrate a Mexican crop famous for one popular drink indulged in especially today: Agave! Agave tequilana is responsible for—you guessed it: Tequila! The plants belonging to the agavaceas family also produce a powerful sugar-alternative. Agave nectar, which is a syrup, comes from the filtered juice of the core of the plant—the piña— named for its visual similarity to a pineapple. Syrup that comes from agave salmiana, however, has liquid collected from a stalk. Agave syrup is thinner than honey, and light-to-dark amber in color.

Agave Nectar is naturally sweet and can often be found as an alternative to cane sugar. It’s sweeter than sugar, which means less equals more! It has a lower glycemic index, resulting in less of what is commonly referred to as a “sugar-crash”. In addition to being used as a sugar-replacement, it can also act as a flavor enhancer and a preservative, extending the shelf life of products that incorporate this nectar. You can find this commonly used in baked goods, candy, ice cream, desserts, toppings, and both hot and cold beverages.

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