Do You Make CBD Products? Try These Trending Ingredients!

Since 2014, we have witnessed a spike and rapid growth in total U.S. cannabidiol (CBD, a non- psychoactive compound) product sales and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon!  For many of us across the country, its more commonplace than not to walk into a gas station, coffee shop, or local retail store, and see a display of CBD infused products!  These products can range from gummies and hard candies to tinctures to cosmetic balms and lotions, and even CBD supplements created for your beloved pet at home!
Hemp Seed Oil
Many CBD product manufacturers elect to use hemp seed oil as part of their product formula with CBD oil for its high content of Linoleic acid (C18:2), a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid.  Whether you require a refined or virgin hemp oil, a dark green or golden colored, or organic certified or conventional, we have you covered!
  • Hemp Seed Oil – Virgin (S1255)
  • Hemp Seed Oil – Virgin Organic (S1265)
  • Hemp Seed Oil – Refined Organic (S1252)
  • Hemp Seed Oil – Virgin – Golden (S1257)
  • Hemp Seed Oil – Virgin Organic – Golden (S1267)
Combining oil-based ingredients with water requires an emulsifier to facilitate a proper bond.  Lecithins are food-safe and an extremely common ingredient for emulsions. We offer soy and sunflower based lecithins in both liquid and powder form. We also offer two types of emulsifying wax, common amongst cosmetic ingredients. Read a blog about some of our emulsifiers here, or browse our emulsifier catalog here!

Cosmetic Bases

What topical product would be complete without a nourishing base? We sell a variety of skin-safe oils and butters, perfect for creams and lotions.   Our Olive Oils, Sweet Almond Oils, or Jojoba Seed Oils are vitamin-packed, and their high fatty acid content is moisturizing for the skin.  For products that require a more viscous base, butters like our Mango Butter (B3040, B3401) are a great option.

If you’re formulating a balm, try our beeswax granules! While not a moisturizer themselves, they combine well with other products and act as a moisture-locking agent. They’re full of beneficial properties and an increasingly popular ingredient among consumers. We offer in both Yellow conventional (B4010) and organic (B4040), and White conventional (B4020) and organic (B4050) granules.
CBD-infused foods and beverages are among the most popular products. CBD, purported to be the relaxing agent of cannabis, is widely consumed by people hoping to reduce anxiety. Edibles come in many forms: chocolate, gummies, lozenges, taffy-like chews… at Jedwards, we supply many of the best ingredients that go into making edible products.
We also carry a variety of sea salts such as Dead Sea Salt (D1050), Mediterranean Sea Salts Coarse (D1111) & Fine (D1112), and Pink Himalayan Salt Coarse (D1070) & Fine (D1060).

Preservatives and Other Additives

Like any product, it must be shelf-stable! Antioxidants fight oxidation, lengthening the shelf life of products. And sometimes, a little help is needed to get the right consistency for your product. We sell a variety of antioxidants and oleochemicals to get your product to its desired state. Some popular ones include:
  • Oleic Acid 75% – Organic (C1066)
  • Glycerin – USP/BP -Refined (C1015)
  • Glycerin – USP Organic (C1010)
This is only a fraction of the natural ingredients we supply. Check out our full catalog at wholesale pricing at!