New Oil: White Camphor Oil

White Camphor Oil is a pure essential oil just added to our growing product line, a material you’ve likely already heard the buzz around for its many applications!  Let’s break down this new material and dive into what it is and where it’s found.

Camphor is steam-distilled extracted from the wood of camphor laurel (Cinnamomum camphora) trees, an evergreen tree native to Eastern and Southeastern Asia. Camphor and camphor oils have been used traditionally for medicinal and religious purposes for centuries while camphor itself has been commonplace in culinary dishes in older civilizations!

White Camphor Oil (EHM1250) varies slightly from traditional camphor as it is a clear liquid, a product of separation from crude camphor oil. White Camphor Oil naturally contains eucalyptol, the primary component of eucalyptus oil, making it a favored ingredient for topical rubs, decongestants, balms, massage oils, among other medicinal and personal-care products.  Products containing white camphor oil typically target consumers in search of anti-inflammatory and respiratory relief properties.  This essential oil is sought after in aromatherapy for its characteristic woody, menthol-like aroma with its overall spicy and cooling effects being said to promote an energizing environment. 

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