New Product: Rice Bran Oil – RBDW Organic

Rice: one of humanity’s oldest domesticated crops. It is believed it was first cultivated by the people of the Yangtze River basin as long as 13,500 years ago. Today, it’s the third-most produced agricultural commodity and one of the most consumed staple foods.

The rice plant is milled, removing the outer husk to create brown rice. White rice is created by further milling, removing the bran. The bran is full of dietary fibers and antioxidants, and commonly used for consumption in Eastern Asia. Japan especially uses rice bran to pickle and ferment vegetables! Bran in general contain a high oil content; this oil is often removed from the bran. Like most plant-based oils, it’s incredibly useful and needs not be wasted in production.

We have been supplying conventional Rice Bran Oil – RBDW for quite some time and now have great news for all requiring organic certified ingredients!  Organic Rice Bran Oil – RBDW is one of our latest additions to our lineup. What’s RBDW you ask? Refined, non-chemically Bleached, Deodorized, and Winterized—RBDW. Wonder why there is such a global demand for Rice Bran Oil for? Here are just a few of its many applications!

With a similar fat composition to peanut oil, Rice Bran Oil is a popular cooking oil in many Eastern Asian countries. It has a smoke point of about 450 F and a mild flavor, making it fantastic for high heat cooking like frying and sautéing. It is high in palmitic, oleic, and linoleic acids; all highly sought-after omega fatty acids. Some people also seek rice bran oil for its y-Oryzanol content, a mixture of lipids that is being studied for potential benefits on human health. Oils like Rice Bran are also popular in manufacturing gummy or capsule supplements.

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