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Omega-3 Source: Norwegian Salmon Oil

When it comes to nutritional supplements, fish oils are one of the most popular and commonly discussed! Full of omega-3 essential fatty acids that humans can’t naturally produce, we carry a wide variety of oils sourced from different marine life organisms and one of these frontrunner products is Salmon Oil.

We have previously carried Salmon Oil of Wild Alaskan origin, but our latest addition to our marine oil line is from Norway, Norwegian Salmon Oil. It is produced from the enzymatic hydrolysis of raw salmon material from Norway, hence the name! It is entirely free of GMOs and ethoxyquin (a synthetic preservative).

Salmon Oil is natural and food-grade, carrying a red-orange appearance and characteristic marine odor. As mentioned earlier, this oil is a rich source of essential fatty acids, specifically DHA and EPA. These specific fatty acids are sought after for potential health benefits for the body so it’s no surprise Salmon Oil is widely used to formulate dietary supplements in gel capsule form, commonly offered in vitamin and health stores. 

Norwegian Salmon Oil is widely used in the pet feed industry as well, commonly included in horse and livestock feed formulas, or even in food for your domestic, house-friendly pets like dogs and cats! Consumers may seek out salmon oil for elderly pets specifically for anti-inflammatory properties as well.

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