Make Palm Oil Soap, Sustainably

Palm oil is rightfully a contentious ingredient when it comes to ethical purchasing. The production of palm oil has been cited as one of the leading causes of harmful deforestation, a problem that has fueled the demand for sustainable palm farming practices and traceability throughout the supply chain.

Our dedicated Procurement team at Jedwards takes these concerns seriously and strives to reflect this in our product line. When it comes to sourcing, we prioritize sustainable ingredients and have recently added another material to go in-line with these initiatives. Stephenson’s Melt & Pour Soap Base – Crystal SP SG (Sustainable Palm Oil) (C1072) is an RSPO certified soap base. RSPO is the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, formed in 2004 as concerns rose regarding the environmental impact from harvesting palm oil.

“SP SG” in the product title refers to Sustainable Palm Oil Segregated. This ensures the palm oil in the product is kept isolated from non-sustainable palm oil throughout the supply chain. The palm oil comes from RSPO certified plantations and is handled independently from products originating at non-RSPO certified plantations to the end manufacturer.

Stephenson’s Melt & Pour soap bases are one of the best options for soap makers regardless of experience and skill level. They require no special equipment any business, small or large, and soap-making startups need not worry about the risk of investing in machinery. Larger soap producers have positively found it useful for mass production, bringing down their production costs and increasing output.

Crystal SP SG is almost fully transparent and largely lacks color, making it a great base to bring your next creation to life. Easily craft your next batch of soap using this product. Find this product, more melt and pour soap bases, and other sustainable palm oil products at!