Fair Trade Day – May 8th

The definition of “fair trade” is a global movement made up of a diverse network of producers, companies, shoppers, advocates, and organizations working together to build a more equitable model of trade. The mission of both Fair Trade USA and Fair For Life is to alleviate global poverty and promote sustainable development.

Fair Trade works to set minimum prices to ensure workers make a profit, set safety and environmental regulations to protect people and land, and work to improve the community. At Jedwards, we are extremely proud to partner with Fair Trade certified organizations and suppliers.

We carry a variety of ingredients that are certified by Fair for Life or Fair Trade USA. In recognition of Fair Trade Day (May 8th, 2021), take advantage of the coupon code FAIRTRADE for 15% off all of our Fair Trade offerings, listed below.

Coffee Beans

Coffee: one of the world’s favorite commodities. The coffee plant thrives in tropical environments – often places considered a “developing country”. Millions of small producers in these areas make their living by growing this crop, as the coffee industry is estimated as being a $100 billion industry. Coffee beans are used most often for beverages, but their grounds have some uses in cosmetic products. All of our coffee beans are both organic and Fair Trade certified. Below are the five different offerings we currently have and be sure to try them all to find your perfect bean!

Coffee Beans – Colombian – Organic Fair Trade (SKU: P3000)

Coffee Beans – Breakfast Blend – Organic Fair Trade (SKU: P3030)

Coffee Beans – Nicaraguan French Roast – Organic Fair Trade (SKU: P3020)

Coffee Beans – Sumatran French Roast – Organic Fair Trade (SKU: P3038)

Coffee Beans – Guatemalan Medium Roast – Organic Fair Trade (SKU: P3025)

Carrier Oils and Butters

Natural Butters and carrier oils are a necessity for topical cosmetic products, especially for body butters or hair masks. Plant-based butters are highly moisturizing, natural emollients, and often contain beneficial nutrients for the skin.

Coconut Oil – Extra Virgin Organic Fair Trade (SKU: S1151)

Palm Fruit Oil – Organic Fair Trade (SKU: 1376)

Shea Nut Butter – Refined Organic Fair Trade FFL (SKU: B3069)

Cocoa Butter – Natural Organic Fair Trade (SKU: B3021)

Cocoa Butter – Deodorized Organic Fair Trade (SKU: B3026)

Chocolate and Vanilla

Who can say no to chocolate or vanilla? These four ingredients are perfect for baked goods, candy, ice cream, chocolates, or for flavoring beverages. Two classic flavor profiles with a world of uses!

Chocolate Chips Bittersweet 70% – Organic Fair Trade (SKU: G1005)

Cocoa Powder Dutched 20/20 Fat – Organic Fair Trade (SKU: G1061)

Cocoa Powder Natural 20/22 Fat – Organic Fair Trade (SKU: G1055)

Vanilla Extract 2x – Organic Fair Trade (SKU: PHM4111)