Red, White, and Blue! Colorful Products for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is upon us, a holiday weekend meant to remind us of all the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice defending the United States of America, with our American flag making more of an appearance across the country. It has become a day where friends and family get together to celebrate those that are missed and have an “unofficial” kickoff to summer. At most of these get-togethers, there is usually red, white, and blue décor scattered about. Here at Jedwards, we figured this was the perfect time to highlight a red, white, and blue product we proudly offer!


Nothing says summer like a nice warm day and the aroma of different members of the citrus family. Our Grapefruit Oil carries that classic citrusy fragrance that is perfect to use in a multitude of formulations. Multiple consumers have found that this oil has a noticeable positive impact on their mood as well as their emotions. Additionally, studies have shown that using Grapefruit Oil in aromatherapy applications had both successful short and long-term effects on lowering stress and blood pressure.


The summer months are when people generally spend the most time outside, but all that sunlight can do a number to your skin. The good news? Our White Refined Shea Nut Butter is a perfect ingredient in many topical skin care products. Shea Nut Butter has natural sun protection properties and using that in conjunction with your preferred sunscreen will help keep your skin shielded from the harsh effects of the sun. The fatty acids in this product help moisturize skin, which is much needed during those dog days of summer.


With the weather turning, all different types of flowers are blooming. Collected from the flowering tops of the plant Chamomilla matricaria, our Chamomile Oil – Blue Organic is one of our newest offerings and perfect to use throughout the summer! This essential oil naturally contains immense anti-inflammatory properties, helping skin stay youthful and healthy-looking. It’s no surprise this essential oil is commonly used in the formulation of topical skincare products, especially ones that reduce the implications of bug bites! Blue Chamomile Oil is packed with antioxidants, making it the perfect ingredient for anti-aging products.

Is it the summer scents of the Grapefruit Oil – Red Cold Pressed that are calling out to you? How about the skin protecting qualities of our White Refined Shea Nut Butter? Or is it the floral oil, Organic Blue Chamomile Oil that packs a powerful punch against those pesky bug bites? Kickstart summer the right way…… visiting our website to pick up one of these aforementioned products or any other of our amazing offerings!