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June 1st Celebrates Olives with National Olive Day!

Olives hail from the Mediterranean region, and we have been cultivating them for thousands of years. Some of the oldest olive trees still standing are over 2,000 years old! Surprisingly enough, celebration for this fruit didn’t become recognized globally until June 1st 2015, established as National Olive Day.

Ever heard of the “olive theory?” As a food, olives are one of those things people either love or hate. The oil produced from the olive isn’t as divisive, though. Olive oil has historically been used for religious purposes, as well as in food preparation for dressings, dips, sauteing and pan frying. In recent decades, it has gained popularity as a natural cosmetic ingredient due to its moisturizing qualities. Olive oil is naturally high in oleic acid and contains healthy levels of linoleic and palmitic acids—all favored fatty acids for both consumption and skin health.

We carry a wide variety of olive oils, all serving their own purposes:

  • RBD (S1365) – refined, bleached, and deodorized
  • Pure (S1360) – refined
  • Pomace (S1350) – from the last press of the olive
  • Extra Virgin (S1320) – first press of the olive
  • Extra Virgin Organic (S1330) – first press of the olive and certified organic
  • Extra Virgin Organic RBD (S1340)– the first press of the olive, refined, and certified organic

One of our popular Stephenson Melt and Pour soap bases is even formulated with Olive Oil, yielding natural moisturizing elements to the soap. Crystal OV – Olive Oil (C2020) is transparent with a slight yellow hue, with a neutral odor to accommodate

Have you heard of Olive Wax (B4070)?  We are a proud supplier of this vegetable derived versatile wax as well, a particularly great ingredient for lip balms and hair-styling products. It can even be used in soaps and candle-making.

Last but certainly not least, Squalane oil derived from olive oil (S1690) is a vegan-friendly squalane alternative, as opposed to squalane oil derived from fish. It is commonly used on its own or as a cosmetic ingredient as an emollient or hydration element.

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