March Madness – Butters

With the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament more than halfway over, so too is our corresponding feature to some of our amazing products. There have been many shining moments we have highlighted over our plant oils and essential oils, but now we pivot to a group of products with a much different consistency. This week, we will profile a group of products that have many uses: butters. These are natural, vegetable-based specialty lipids that are solid at room temperature due to their high saturation level.

When talking about butters, the most popular one is easily Cocoa Butter. There is a myriad of uses for Cocoa Butter, and here are just a couple of them. White Cocoa Butter is refined and deodorized, and this is the most suitable offering for the production of white chocolate. But there are also many benefits to using Cocoa Butter as a topical offering in different skincare products. Cocoa Butter has historically been used as a natural emollient that can bring stiffness to the end product, as well as being rich in fatty acids to hydrate and nourish your skin. We offer natural Cocoa Butter as well as a deodorized Cocoa Butter, so you can decide if you want that signature chocolate aroma in your products.

Another butter that has many great properties is Mango Butter! Extracted from the kernel of mangos, this butter is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Also, mango butter contains high levels of Vitamin C, which has been known to stimulate collagen production in the body. Collagen is a coveted product in the anti-aging industry as it helps structure your skin, supports joint health, and fortifies your bones. In addition to collagen helping anti-aging, the high levels of Vitamin E in mango butter helps to protect your skin from many different environmental hazards like sunlight and pollution.

While cocoa and mango butters are widely known to have many great benefits, they are not the only butters that possess these great traits. A less popular product is Cupuacu Butter; harvested from the Cupuacu tree that is native to the Amazon rainforest, this soft butter has an earthy and characteristic aroma. This product is an outstanding emollient and is regarded as a great moisturizer due to its hydrophilic properties. The butter acts as a vehicle to hydrate the skin, thus leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft. Also, this butter is well-known to provide protection from the sun by absorbing harsh UV rays naturally.

While the consistency of the products we decided to highlight this week has changed, the wonderful benefits have not! Even though we only highlighted three different butters today, we implore you to look at all of our butters (and other products) and see which offerings would be best for you. Make sure to get your orders in before the madness of this March comes to an end!