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New Item: Hazelnut Oil – Virgin Organic

The nutrient content of nuts and their savory flavor has had humankind cultivating them since the beginning—so of course, we’re going to press it into an oil! We’ve offered conventional Hazelnut Oil, but if you’ve been craving an organic variant, you’re in luck. One of our latest additions to our product line is Hazelnut Oil – Virgin Organic.

Hazelnut Oil – Virgin Organic (S1242) is cold-pressed extracted from the seed of the plant Corylus avellana, yielding a pale-yellow oil. As an unrefined oil, its smell is characteristic to that of hazelnut. This oil is extremely high in oleic acid, a sought-after fatty acid; it also contains palmitic and linoleic acids. These omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids are known for being effective moisturizers and regarded to be a healthier fat for consumption. Hazelnut oil contains both vitamin E and tannins. These are antioxidants and are desired in many diets and skincare.

All these properties make this oil a fantastic choice for use in both the cosmetic industry and food and beverage manufacturing. In the cosmetic industry, it may be found as an ingredient in lotions, serums, hair care products, and moisturizers. In the food industry, it may be used as dressing for salads, pasta dishes, or desserts, and as a flavor additive. It is a low-heat oil and not recommended for high heat frying or cooking.

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