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Our Omega-3 EE Concentrates Are Changing from Area Percent to MG/G!

To all our current and future customers who purchase our Omega-3 EE Concentrates, these highly sought-after sources of EPA and DHA are getting a bit of a makeover, in naming convention and SKU only!  Historically, these products have been labeled by the area percentage of EPA and DHA. Moving forward, their name will reflect their content of Milligrams per Gram – MG/G. Why the change you may be wondering?  Curiosity is a beautiful thing– let us dive into the reason behind the change below!   

Many of you may already be familiar with GOED, the Global Organization for EPA and DHA omega-3s, a member-driven organization promoting the consumption and quality regulation of omega-3s that contain EPA and DHA. While they are not a governing body like the FDA, they are an important body in the fish oil industry, and we are interested in complying with industry standards. GOED recommends that EPA and DHA content in oils is expressed by weight as opposed to area percentage.

Expression by weight is a more accurate and consistent way of calculating the content of an oil. In their Industry Advisory of 2018, GOED writes “A simple example to illustrate why area % is really not scientifically correct is the following: If you add, for example, water to an omega-3 product, the area % will not change, whereas the expression of content by weight would of course test for much lower levels when the product is diluted in this way.”

Here are our new Omega-3 Concentrate Skus & Names and their former corresponding material:

  • M2650 – Omega-3 Fish Oil EE Concentrate 175 MG/G & 445 MG/G DHA is replacing M2050 – Omega-3 EE 20% EPA 50% DHA
  • M2700 – Omega-3 Fish Oil EE Concentrate 290 MG/G & 195 MG/G DHA is replacing M2000 – Omega-3 EE 33% EPA 22% DHA
  • M2750 – Omega-3 Fish Oil EE Concentrate 326 MG/G & 216 MG/G DHA is replacing M2020 – Omega-3 EE 36% EPA 24% DHA
  • M2800 – Omega-3 Fish Oil EE Concentrate 360 MG/G & 180 MG/G DHA is replacing M2030 – Omega-3 EE 40% EPA 20% DHA
  • M2850 – Omega-3 Fish Oil EE Concentrate 460 MG/G & 180 MG/G DHA is replacing M2040 – Omega-3 EE 50% EPA 20% DHA
  • M2900 – Omega-3 Fish Oil EE Concentrate 600 MG/G DHA is replacing M2470 – Omega-3 EE Fish Oil 70% DHA

In summation, our goal by changing the name is to be transparent and have a product name that most accurately reflects its content. As of 9/16/2021 these names have not yet been changed. This article will be updated and social media posts released when all names and SKUs have been changed.

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