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Treat Yourself With a Chocolate Shake This Weekend!

If everything else has a holiday, chocolate shakes must as well, right? Of course, and they do!  It’s this Sunday, September 12!

The tasty treats we call milkshakes started as eggnog-like whiskey drinks in 1885. By the 1900s, they were more like what we consume today, a flavored dairy (or today, non-dairy) based, cold sweet treat. No one is sure who declared National Chocolate Milkshake Day, or when it was declared, but what we do know is Jedwards supplies many of the ingredients to make coveted delicious chocolate ice cream and shakes.

Let’s start with the chocolate. Cocoa powder, created from crushed cocoa beans, is the basis for many chocolate products. We supply dutched and natural cocoa powders, organic and non-organic, with two different fat contents, which is sure to impact the end flavor! Look here to find the one that’s right for your product. Consider adding a crunch with some organic chocolate chips or perhaps even sprinkle some coconut sugar on top!

Of course, that chocolate doesn’t come pre-sweetened—cacao is naturally fairly bitter. Jedwards carries a variety of natural sweeteners from different sources and some of our sweeteners are even friendly to lifestyles like keto or low-carb.

Check for our wholesale priced ingredients today!