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Brew With Cocoa Nibs on National Beer Lover’s Day

Did you know the art of brewing beer is one of humanity’s oldest traditions?  Once, it was a common recreational activity for households and communities. Today, it’s a global industry from large multimillion-dollar companies to small local brewpubs—of course homebrewing is still an extremely popular activity. Whether you’re selling on a large scale or a smaller one, the desired end result is the same: delicious beer with unique notes!

Most beers today are comprised of at least water, malt, hops, and yeast, with the potential for other ingredients to be added throughout the process. Examples include citrus peel, flower buds and leaves, seeds, cocoa derivatives, vanilla extract… the options are endless. One popular additive we’d like to highlight today, a quite popular ingredient when brewing porters and stouts, are our Roasted Cocoa Nibs!

Cocoa nibs (often spelled cacao nibs) are crushed seeds from the Theobroma cacao tree. When straight from the plant, they carry a bitter chocolate flavor profile. The variety we carry are Roasted Cocoa Nibs, indicating that unlike the raw variety, the resulting flavor of the nibs is less bitter due to the roasting process it goes through.

Cocoa nibs are widely sought after by brewers to yield a dark chocolate note, often complimenting many other notes such as vanilla or peanut butter.  Cocoa nibs are superior in beer production as opposed to other cocoa products like cocoa powder as the nibs provide a better mouthfeel.

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