Go Coconuts With This One Day Sale

Love coconuts? You’re definitely not alone! Cocos nucifera has been domesticated and cultivated by humans for thousands of years, and with good reason! Every part of the tree has a use, so it’s been given the name “tree of life”. This plant is celebrated today, September 2nd, on World Coconut Day!

Of course, we only sell what comes from inside this useful drupe. High in saturated fatty acids, the meat of the coconut fruit has been consumed and used topically for ages. The sweet taste and aroma of virgin materials appeal to many, but refined and deodorized versions exist for a neutral product with the same purported benefits.

We’re celebrating the coconut by offering you 15% off the following products when you use code CoconutDay21 at checkout:

Offer valid only September 2nd, 2021. Does not apply to item codes S1151 and C1004 due to invalid stock. Cannot be combined with other coupons.