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You know it’s not a real national holiday if we don’t write a blog about it! This week, we’re talking about one of the world’s most popular drinks which majority of us are all familiar with, coffee!  This special bean is not only honored on one day, but two!  That’s right: September 29th is National Coffee Day, while International Coffee Day falls shortly after on October 1st. Celebrate with us by buying our selection of coffee and coffee-derived products – with 10% off!

Not only is coffee a versatile beverage enjoyed year-round, served hot or cold, it is found as an ingredient in cosmetic and personal-care products such as soaps, scrubs, and face masks! It’s also popular in candle making.

We’re proud to offer a fine selection of coffee beans of different country of origins. To further differentiate by a typical store-brand, they are organic *and* fair trade certified! Our selection is as follows

  • Coffee Beans – Colombian – Organic Fair Trade
  • Coffee Beans – Breakfast Blend – Organic Fair Trade
  • Coffee Beans – Nicaraguan French Roast – Organic Fair Trade
  • Coffee Beans – Sumatran French Roast – Organic Fair Trade
  • Coffee Beans – Guatemalan Medium Roast – Organic Fair Trade

If beans aren’t what you’re looking for, we supply coffee oil too! Our Roasted Coffee Oil is a virgin material, with a similar color and aroma to that of a cup of coffee. Manufacturers tend to use it in soaps, serums, facemasks, or hair care products.

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