Fear not This October With These Spectacular Savings!

Halloween is a long-established holiday that dates back to the Celts sometime around 750 BC. Although there is no clear record, it is believed that on October 31st the Celts rejoiced in a day of feasting, during which they wore costumes as a disguise to ward off ghosts. At night, they carried around lanterns carved out of turnips, which turned into our Jack-O-Lanterns today. It’s a far cry from how Halloween is celebrated today of course, with the immeasurable amounts of candy and chocolate consumed. Halloween is a holiday that is loved by many, no matter what the age. Kids and adults alike can dress up and be whomever they choose on October 31st!

There is so much to enjoy this extraordinary month with haunted houses, hayrides, and ghoulish cornstalks. Jedwards is celebrating Halloween the entire month of October by offering 15% off the following items. To receive your Spooktacular savings, enter FBOCT21 at time of checkout!

  • Algae Oil Vegan Softgels – 40% DHA 1000MG (FG5190)
  • Flax Seed Oil – Refined Organic (S1210)
  • Hazelnut Oil – Virgin Organic (S1242)
  • Lemongrass Oil – Organic (EHM1083)
  • Marula Oil – Virgin (S1727)
  • Orange Wax- Deodorized (B4087)
  • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt – Coarse (D1070)
  • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt – Fine (D1060)
  • Salmon Oil – Norwegian (M2142)
  • Stevia Extract Powder 97% – Organic (G1199)
  • Turmeric Extract Powder – 95% Curcumin (P4110)
  • Vanilla Extract 1X- Madagascar- Organic (PHM4100-C1)

Please note: one coupon per customer and cannot be applied to previous invoices, already discounted, tiered, or drum pricing.