Not all Presents are Found Under the Christmas Tree…

Happy December! The holidays are in full swing now as gift givers search the malls and ecommerce sites for the perfect present. There is so much to do in the last month of the calendar year: go to a tree lighting ceremony, cut down a Christmas tree, attend the Nutcracker, build a Gingerbread house, attend a holiday party, watch the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, the list is endless. Furthermore, December is National Giving Month, so Jedwards is presenting 15% off the following products throughout the entire month:

  • Algae Oil Vegan Softgel – 40% DHA 1000MG (FG5190)
  • Almond Oil – Sweet Refined Organic Kosher (S1006)
  • Coconut Syrup – Organic (J3000)
  • Fractionated Coconut Powder – Organic (C1003)
  • Hemp Seed Oil – Refined Organic (S1252)
  • Jojoba Butter – White (B4082)
  • Marula Oil – Virgin (S1727)
  • Passion Fruit Seed Oil – Virgin (S1409)
  • Pistachio Oil (S1440)
  • Salmon Oil – Norwegian (M2142)

Offer valid December 1 – December 31. Coupon code cannot be applied to previous invoices, existing promotions, or drum pricing. Enter FBDEC21 at the time of checkout to receive your discount.