Galloping Into May With An Extra 15%

And they are off….Saturday May 7th, 20 thoroughbreds will line the gate in Louisville, Kentucky as fifteen million onlookers watch to see which horse will be granted the honor of wearing the garland of roses in 2022. The Kentucky Derby is the longest sporting event in history comes with its own traditions from long brimmed hats to the official drink of mint juleps,  and a rendition of “My Old Kentucky Home.”

Horses are not the only ones taking off in a flash this month! Jedwards is offering 15% off the following products throughout the entire month of May. Simply add code BNOMAY2022 at checkout to receive your discount.

  • African Black Soap (C2090)
  • Algae Oil Vegan Softgels – 40% DHA 1000MG (FG5190)
  • Erythritol Non – GMO Powder (G1204)
  • Erythritol – Organic Granules (G1198)
  • Jojoba Beads – (20/40 Mesh) (B4081)
  • Marula Oil – Virgin (S1727)
  • Pistachio Oil (S1440)
  • Raspberry Seed Oil- Virgin (S1485)
  • Sea Salt – Mediterranean – Course (D1111)

***Coupon code cannot be applied to previous invoices, existing promotions, or drum pricing.***