Shop Local on National Small Business Week

It is National Small Business Week! For nearly 60 years, the first week of May has been celebrated and sported by small businesses and happy customers alike. In 1953, the US Federal Government established the Small Business Administration (S.B.A.) to assist, counsel, and enable small businesses to prosper. With the success of the S.B.A., 10 years later in 1963, the first National Small Business Week was celebrated to honor the accomplishments of the top entrepreneurs in each state. The celebration was so popular that this week has become an annual tradition for generations to come.

There are approximately 31 million small businesses across America, which make up nearly 99% of all the business in the country! Many of these small businesses make significant contributions to the US economy as a whole, but also more importantly, to the local communities in which they are situated in. Small businesses are crucial economic support systems for local communities as they provide services, food, jobs, entertainment, and other necessities and goods. Not only do these small businesses create pillars for economic growth and success within local communities, but they also contribute to their population growth. Well-known, successful small businesses attract locals and curious customers from afar, creating opportunities for these individuals; whether it is having a job they really enjoy or settling down to start a family.

A quality which most consumers who support small business enjoy is knowing where their money is going and where their products come from. Consumers often find comfort in knowing that they are supporting a small business owned by local families. By shopping small, you can help your community and those surrounding you to prosper!

We would like to give special thanks to all of the small businesses who also support us, with your help Jedwards International has been able to continue our 100-year family tradition in the specialty oils and ingredients market. We represent the hard work of a small family business in the cod liver oil industry that began in South Boston, Massachusetts. Since it’s founding, Jedwards International has been able to vastly expand our product line to include difficult-to-source ingredients and custom-manufactured materials and has become a leading supplier to a myriad of small businesses and mid-size manufacturers across North America – all thanks to you!

Are you a small business owner or perhaps just starting out? The S.B.A. has plenty of resources including Paycheck Protection Program Loan forgiveness, Covid-19 Relief programs, Agency Equity Programs, and other loan services. The S.A.B. also offers free business counseling and helpful tips to jump start your growing small business! You can find this information on their website at