peeled fresh juicy ripe slices of mandarin

NEW PRODUCT: Mandarin Oil

Mandarin oranges and tangerines were once a common Christmas gift in the west, a tradition inspired by the Lunar New Year, where oranges represent good fortune. Oranges (a fruit which doesn’t grow well in most of the United States) would come from Japan beginning in November. Today, with oranges largely available year round in grocery stores, instead an orange literally made of chocolate is gifted in place.

Sorry to say we don’t have any chocolate oranges for your stocking, but we do have a brand new oil of their peel: Mandarin oil!

Our latest oil, Mandarin Oil, is cold-pressed extracted from the peel of fully mature, ripened mandarins (botanically named Citrus reticulata). This dark orange-to-red liquid carries a pleasantly sweet citrus aroma, making it suitable for solo usage or blending with complimentary spicy or floral scents. Because of the age of the fruit it is pressed from, this oil is considered a “red” mandarin oil. Red Mandarin Oil is the sweetest of the three Mandarin oils, and has one of the most soothing scents among all essential oils. 

Citrus essential oils such as mandarin oil are used in aromatherapy, cosmetics, personal care items, and the food/beverage industry. The primary flavoring and fragrance component of Mandarin oil is d-limonene. D-Limonene, with potential antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, is used as an ingredient in natural cleaning products and insecticides. Mandarin oil also contains gamma-terpinene, a chemical with potential antioxidant, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Natural ingredients containing antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory agents are highly popular for formulating skincare and personal care items.

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