Give the Gift of Creativity This Christmas

Consumable gifts are being coming more popular than ever. These are gifts that can be eaten or used up in some way. They’re often budget friendly and not to mention total “space savers”. A lot of gifts usually make their way back to the store shelves from which they came or sometimes they just end up taking up space in your already cramped apartment. This year, create something your friends and family will love and enjoy using without breaking your bank.

Personal care products are at the top of the list in popularity, next to foods and sweets. Coffee for example, is a widely used commodity and can also make a perfect gift for your fellow coffee lover. We carry five different types of whole bean coffee, all of which are Organic and Fair-Trade certified!

Small projects such as recipe jars for cookies, fudge, and other chocolate goods that can be put together with ingredients like sugar, cocoa powder, and chocolate chips are creative and simple gifts to give. Not only is the recipe jar a gift itself, but the recipient also gets to enjoy creating and consuming the finished product.

Personal care products like sugar scrubs, soaps, and lotions can also be fun to make and share with loved ones. Jedwards offers a variety of soap and lotion bases for you to get creative with. The Stephenson Melt & Pour Soap Bases are easy to use, just melt and pour into your desired molds and let cool! We also carry an array of essential and fragrance oils that can be added to these bases to customize the perfect scent. Please keep in mind that essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used sparingly with care.

Candle making is also another popular and creative method of gift giving. Many of the waxes supplied by Jedwards International are used in the large-scale Candle Making industry, but with our wholesale prices creating gift candles is easy and affordable right from your own home. We offer a range of wax types from Organic Beeswax to Fully Refined Paraffin Wax and other Natural Blends. Our essential oils can also be blended with these waxes to create custom and luxurious candles.

Whether you plan on making individual items or lovely gift baskets of all the hand made goods you’ve created, you can find a great selection of supplies and more on our website at