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New Oil Added: Mongongo Oil

Have you been waiting on us to release a new oil? Wait no longer, we’re ready to announce that our latest product line addition is Mongongo oil! Mongongo oil is cold-pressed extracted from the nut of the Schiniziophyton rautanenii tree. The Mongongo tree is also sometimes called the Manketti tree, so you may see this oil also referred to as Manketti oil.

This tree is native to southern Africa, where its nuts have been consumed by the native hunter-gatherer cultures there for centuries. The nut, which is actually a drupe, contains many nutrients and is loved for its flavor. The oil has traditionally been used for moisturizing and protecting the skin.

Mongongo oil is a clear, pale-yellow liquid with a bland characteristic aroma to that of fatty seed oils. This oil is comprised of unsaturated fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acid. Fatty acids in cosmetics are often sought after for their moisturizing and emollient properties.

Uniquely, mongongo oil has a high content of alpha-Eleostearic acid, a harder-to-find unsaturated fatty acid. Alpha-Eleostearic acid has been found to exhibit UV protectant qualities, great for formulating skincare and sunscreen products!

This versatile oil is growing in popularity as an ingredient in serums, hair care, lotions, and more! Pick it up today at wholesale pricing at