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We Love Our Farmers!

Today, October 12th, is National Farmer’s Day. This day, once called Old Farmer’s Day, has been recognized since the early 1800s in America. Other countries have their own farmers’ days to celebrate on different days, but here in October, it’s harvest season—the perfect time to reflect on what’s produced over the course of the year.

The development of agriculture allowed us as humans to develop roots and communities, leaving the hunter-gatherer life behind. In America today, the majority of farmers are older, with the average age being 58. 97.1% of farms in the US are family-owned and operated. Only 2% of the population, however, makes up our farmers! While this day in the US celebrates American farmers, many of our products are internationally sourced and we would like to recognize all farmers for their work.

We owe a lot to our farmers besides the food that we consume. Many industries rely on direct products and byproducts, like textiles, leather goods, and of course our own industry with naturally grown raw materials and ingredients! Oils, extracts, and more couldn’t be produced without all the hard work that goes into the plant itself.

If you shop farm-to-table or know farmers in your area that supply your local stores, give them a shoutout today!