Make Candles Easily With Our Two Newest Natural Wax Blends

Candlemakers, great news! We’ve added two fantastic options to our product line for you, whether you make pillars or jarred candles. These two products are Candle Wax Natural – Pillar Blend (B4098) and Candle Wax Natural – Container Blend (B4096). Pre-blended waxes only benefit you: no need for industrial-strength equipment or worrying about if you have the right ratio of wax ingredients. Whether you’re an established business or just starting your candle-making adventure, our wax blends may be the perfect match for you!

Our new Pillar Wax Blend is a specialty all-natural blend made from soy. Beginning as off-white pastilles, it begins to melt at 135°F and releases well from molds. The resulting candle should have a smooth and creamy appearance.

Using containers? Our all-natural Container Wax Blend is made up of coconut, soy, and beeswax with a melting point of 110°F. Use these off-white pastilles for single pour, jarred candles. The result is a soft, smooth candle, with great jar adhesion.

Both wax blends have a high fragrance load and are highly accepting of dyes and colorants. They will resist slumping at higher room temperatures and resist bloom. Both blends contain absolutely no paraffin—take note, as consumers are trending towards natural, soy-based products.

Melt, pour, add any desired ingredients to create your perfect candle, and they’re ready to go! Get your pre-blended waxes, essential oils, and more all at wholesale pricing on