coffee beans

New Popular Skincare Ingredient: Roasted Coffee Oil!

Coffee: One of the most traded commodities since its discovery in the Middle East, during the 15th century. Humans quickly became obsessed with this beverage, favored for its stimulant properties and potential health benefits. Today, it’s prepared a myriad of ways, with dozens of words to describe how it’s served (most of them Italian). In addition to consumption, coffee has become popular as an ingredient in cosmetics and topical skincare products.

One way coffee is incorporated into skincare is through our newest all natural product, Roasted Coffee Oil (S1154)! Roasted Coffee Oil is cold-pressed extracted from the roasted beans of the plant Coffee arabica. It is a dark, clear liquid with a characteristic coffee aroma, naturally high in antioxidants such as Vitamin E and retains a caffeine content. Cosmetics that look to tighten skin sometimes use caffeine, a natural diuretic, as an ingredient to reduce puffiness, as it is believed to be able to penetrate the skin barrier. Coffee Oil is high in essential fatty acids like linoleic, palmitic, and oleic acids which are sought after in skincare for their moisturizing properties. Serums, lotions, and balms take advantage of roasted coffee oil for anti-aging and anti-inflammatory purposes.

The powerful scent is great for aromatherapy, on its own or as an added side effect to balms and cosmetics. Psychologically, we associate coffee with energy and warmth. Emotional connection to the smell of coffee can make this oil an even more potent tool for aromatherapy usage. It’s also a fantastic stimulating additive for massage oils and perfumery.

Stop and smell the coffee today: Roasted Coffee Oil (S1154) and more are available at wholesale prices at