Support Small Business this Mardi Gras!

Happy Mardi Gras from all of us at Jedwards! Of course, it might not be a celebration that looked anything like last year in New Orleans—due to both the southern Winter storm and COVID-19. A lot of people’s first impressions of Mardi Gras are drinking and rowdy tourists—but there’s so much more to the holiday, especially for the locals. Parades, jazz music, great food, culture, and community are celebrated during the days.

While a lot of businesses close for the parades, many see sales and engagement around the actual event itself, and we aren’t just talking about mask, bead, and drink sales. Bakeries and shops sell traditional treats like King Cakes, salons get ball attendants looking their best, and tourists are buying souvenirs. Mardi Gras is a significant source for New Orleans and Louisiana’s economy, especially for the small businesses there. WalletHub reported that the season has an economic impact of over $1 billion dollars. This year is certain to look quite different.

If your yearly carnival celebration plans were disrupted by current events, consider supporting small business and shopping online from local NOLA business. Many locals born and raised in New Orleans have developed their own small businesses, offering products and gifts suitable for any time of the year including soaps, perfumery, makeup, and candles, with a number of these artisans using Jedwards’ natural ingredients!  Our competitive wholesale prices are offered to all with the goal to support the growth and success of local artisans, a cause we at Jedwards are very passionate about!