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How to Get Your Products Smelling Festive

It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!Scented pinecones, fresh cut trees, and warm baked goods are just a few aromas wafting through the air. During this time of year, people often call on candles and diffusers to help enhance these natural scents. Holiday and winter themed hand creams, sanitizers and lip balms are always in high demand for further festivity. Of course, you don’t have to celebrate anything to enjoy the warm scents of the season.

If you’re a formulator looking to pick up some essential oils to spice up your products, Jedwards has just what you need! Here are our favorite oils that yield a festive feel.

Earthy and woody scents ground us and remind us of nature, even when we can’t be in it. With temperatures in many areas getting too cold to enjoy comfortably, these scents bring the beauty of the outside to us. If the Christmas tree is your inspiration, Fir Needle Oil or Pine Oil is the perfect place to start. Camphor, frankincense, and myrrh are all associated with religion; these earthy oils are likely to be enjoyed by the spiritual.

Cloves are often found in cooking, like on holiday hams or as ingredients in tea. Their spicy aroma easily warms up a room. If Clove oils are too powerful, consider a sweeter-spice, such as cinnamon leaf, cinnamon bark, or cassia oils.

Dried oranges are a common decoration this time of year. Before chain grocery stores and the modernization of shipping, oranges and tangerines, a non-cold hardy fruit, were common holiday gifts! Some orange oil combined with cinnamon or clove oil makes a beautiful citrus and spice blend.

Candy canes may not originally have been made for any holiday, but in North America they’re almost exclusively enjoyed during December. Give anything a minty-fresh quality with these four pure essential oils:
Tea Tree

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