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MCT Oil: A Hot Ingredient on the Market Right Now!

If you’re looking for an odorless, flavorless oil full of healthy fats, MCT oil may be just what you’re looking for! MCT Oil is a clear oil comprised only of medium chain triglycerides, a fatty acid that has 6-12 carbon atoms. Our MCT Oil: 60/40 contains Caprylic (C8) and Capric (C10) fatty acids, while our MCT Oil:C8 contains only Caprylic acid.

Many consumers seek medium chain triglycerides because they are quicker to digest than long chain triglycerides. MCTs are only found in a handful of foods and oils we consume, such as coconut oil and milk. This means MCT oil is highly desired by those who follow diets  or lifestyles such as the Ketogenic, as they primarily obtain their energy from fats and not carbohydrates.

Outside of alternative diets, MCT oil is a preferred oil for CBD product formulators for quick absorption, not only in edible products, but in topical cosmetics and personal care items. It has a non-greasy, light feel on the skin – ideal in formulations for moisturizers, lotions, massage oils, and balms. It is particularly well suited to be a carrier oil for aromatherapy purposes as an odorless base.

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