New Product Alert: Lanolin – EP

We have a new and improved Lanolin option, phasing out our Lanolin – USP with our new Lanolin – EP! This new material maintains the same specifications and qualities as the previous one with a higher standard – meeting the standards of the European Pharmacopoeia (EP).

Lanolin – EP is a natural raw material extracted from the excess wool of sheep. The wool is collected and washed, followed by a refining process to produce a solid oily wax with a yellow hue and characteristic lanolin odor. Sheep naturally secret a substance to protect their skin and wool from environmental factors similar to humans producing sebum.

Translated directly to “wool oil” in Latin, Lanolin has been utilized for millennia as it functions similarly to human skin lipids. Lanolin has been said to soothe and moisturize the skin, further protecting it from dryness and damage. Bulk Lanolin – EP is commonly included in formulations for cosmetics, topical ointments, creams for nursing mothers, skincare for infants, and everyday soap products. A variety of industries can take advantage of this non-irritant, biodegradable, and sustainable ingredient for its emollient properties, lubrication ability and emulsion capability.

Lanolin has physical properties comparative to industrial grease which make it an efficient lubricant for a wide range of technical processes. For industrial applications that require high biocompatibility, lanolin makes an attractive alternative over other industrial greases due to its non-toxic, non-conductive, biocompatible, and biodegradable nature. Scientific analyses have concluded that lanolin also has propensity to firmly adhere to metal surfaces which can protect these surfaces from corrosion, salt, moisture, and other acidic compounds or conditions.

In addition to metal coatings and mechanical lubricants, lanolin finds use in the process of tanning and treating leather. The natural function of lanolin as a skin moisturizer and protectant provides a balance of moisture and fat when applied to freshly tanned or worn leather. It is also often the key ingredient in formulations for leather cleaning and treatment products.

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