Shout out to our Farmers!

Today, October 12th, as harvest time nears its end, we celebrate National Farmers Day! There is no precise data on how this day originated, but some sources say that it may have begun in the early 1800’s when nomadic tribes settled and began to harvest their own food such as wheat, flax, peas, and lentils.

Agriculture is one of the world’s most deep-rooted and essential vocations. Its inception around 12,000 years ago changed the way humans lived. We created settlements on fertile beds of land and expanded our roots from there. Today, farms and farmers are still integral to communities. They provide food on a local and national scale, creating jobs and economic growth not just on farms but in logistics, grocery stores, food services, and restaurant industries. Developments in agricultural technology have extended planting and harvesting seasons and minimized the risk of famine and food shortages.

Our own business wouldn’t be functional without farmers to produce large, quality quantities of plants for oil or other natural materials to be extracted from. We particularly work with environmentally conscious suppliers, like those that are Organic Certified and or Fair Trade certified. We also seek out RSPO certified farmers, who provide sustainably grown and harvested Palm Oils—one of the largest produced oils in the world. These certifications hold farmers and other agricultural supply chain participants to a certain set of standards, each unique to the certification, to ensure practices are executed sustainably, fairly, and responsibly. These standards are set in place to aid surrounding communities by reducing poverty but also to protect the environment which we depend greatly on.

Make sure to acknowledge and applaud the hardworking men and woman who plan, plow, and harvest to nourish nations with their goods. If you shop farm-to-table or know farmers in your area that supply your local stores, give them a shoutout today!

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