a bowl of soap noodles

New Inventory: Cetyl Alcohol and Soap Noodles!

Thanks to our experienced and dedicated supply chain professionals here at Jedwards, our expansive product line continues to grow! We’re happy to announce we’ve got two more ingredients for your next cosmetic formulation:

Soap Noodles make personal-care soap making easy! They are a ready-made soap base, so there is no danger with chemicals and no real need for investing in expensive equipment. This blend is comprised of palmitic acid (fatty acid derived from the palm plant), lye (sodium hydroxide), salt, and glycerol. Soap Noodles come in the form of small, opaque, white to light yellow noodles–hence the name– and carry virtually no odor. After melting them down, they are the perfect base in which a fragrance or coloring of one’s choice can be added.

Once upon a time, Cetyl Alcohol was derived from whales. Today, it’s sourced from Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil. It is different than substances like ethyl alcohol, as cetyl alcohol is a fatty alcohol. It comes in the form of solid white beads that can be melted down for use. Cetyl alcohol is one of the most used ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products, such as hair products, moisturizers, soap, and make-up. It can thicken oil in water emulsions, act as an emollient, make a substance more opaque, stabilize foams, and control the viscosity of a product.

These palm-based items are RSPO MB – but what does that mean? RSPO is an acronym for a certification body/organization: Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil. MB stands for Mass Balance. RSPO-MB is a certain type of certification that allows the overall production of both RSPO and non-RSPO certified palm oil to maintain an even balance, hence its Mass Balance designation, with administrative traceability of the input and mixing of RSPO and non-RSPO certified palm oil, but at controlled quantities.

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