New Product: Get Your Garlic Oil!

Garlic: Great in pasta, bread, dips, and more! Garlic salt and garlic powder are hot items, often added to dishes to enhance the flavor. But, maybe you’re looking for something with more… fluidity? If so, good news – we are now offering Garlic Oil – Organic (EHM1350)!

Garlic has been globally cultivated and used for centuries. In addition to being a culinary staple, it has roots in folk medicine. Doctors and scientists prior to modern medicine were often looking for ways to fight illness, and many looked to garlic for the answer. In folklore, particularly in Central/Eastern Europe, garlic was thought to be a protectant against vampires. No one seems to be sure why, but some historians believe it relates to vampiric-like diseases and sulfur hypersensitivity.

Garlic Oil is steam distilled from the crushed bulbs of the garlic plant (botanical name Allium sativum). It is orange to yellow in color and carries a characteristic garlic smell, courtesy of its sulfuric makeup. Unlike a large portion of other essential oils within the industry, this garlic oil is totally food grade. It is popular among the culinary and food manufacturing industries as a flavoring agent. Don’t mistake this for a garlic-infused oil, this pure oil is extremely potent: a little drop goes a long way!

Garlic essential oil is believed to contain antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, contributing to its popularity in nutritional supplements and the formulation of industrial cleaning solutions.

Whether you’re in the business of food, cleaning products, or fighting off the supernatural, our new Garlic Oil could be for you! Find that and more natural ingredients at wholesale prices at!