Holiday Gift Baskets – Jedwards Has You Covered!

Searching for gift ideas for that special family member or friend this holiday season? Coming up short on a unique gift idea? Looking for something fun, inexpensive, thoughtful, and quarantined approved? Well, explore no further as we have some special ideas we’re confident will put a smile on that special someone’s face! Gift baskets are such a low-stress yet favorable and appreciated gift to give anyone and much more impressive when created by the giver instead of store-bought!

Soap Making Basket: Who doesn’t love soap? And who doesn’t use soap, especially this year!? Fill up the bottom of a gift basket with preferred color facecloths, place a Stephenson Melt and Pour Soap Bases (2lb) in the middle of the basket, and encircle with your preferred essential oil in small droppers, molds, liquid dye and a pouring pitcher. And Ssshhhh, but during Cyber-Week, our Melt & Pour soap bases are 30% off!

Coffee Basket: Aimed at those who can’t live without a morning cup of joe! Line the bottom of a gift basket with coffee holders and top with a bag of coffee beans – fair trade organic, place personal coffee mugs on each side, fill a glass bottle of organic sugar, place in one mug & fill the the other mug with coffee biscuits!

Pasta Basket. Designed for those who love oil and carbohydrates. Pack the bottom of the gift basket with paper shred. Fill two olive oil dispenser bottles with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and place on each side of basket. In the middle, add pasta, gourmet sauce, a bread loaf and a few packets of herbs and maybe some special cheese of your liking to create their own olive oil dip!

Lotion Basket: A great gift especially for the upcoming cold, dry days of winter ahead! Stuff the bottom of a gift basket with shredded tissue paper. Add lotion dispenser bottles, lotion base, a few droppers of essential oil, a bottle of Grape Seed Oil or Jojoba Oil, & blank stickers to create their label!