Reducing the Risk: Jedwards’ Response to Covid-19

Many are buzzing about the potential for an upcoming “second lockdown!” Maybe you never really left the “first”! In our office, in Massachusetts just south of Boston, we have been doing our very best to adhere to state guidelines and implement changes that have everyone’s best interests in mind.

First and foremost, since March, we transitioned more than 50% of our office staff to work remotely, even though our company has been classified as essential business from the get-go. Due to both the size of our office and the current regulations in place, this set-up seems to be the new normal for the foreseeable future.

In addition to masks being mandatory in Massachusetts, there is more than sufficient evidence to show they lessen the transmission of particles, so we quickly provided our employees with 3M & KN-95 masks and extended the offer to their immediate family members or at-risk neighbors. To reduce particle transmission even further, the building has been stocked with scattered HVAC filters throughout the office and warehouse along with 3M Filtrete 2200 filters, a high purification system able to capture cough and sneeze debris, bacteria, and virus particles.

On-site employees are required to check their temperature prior to arriving with thermometers provided personally by the President of Jedwards International. All staff is to maintain proper social distancing in the office and limit the number of people in any given common area at one time. We’ve drastically cut down on the handling of papers/forms to mitigate the risk of cross-contamination with added scanning procedures in place. Hand sanitizers and wipes have been provided to all employees, both on-site and remote. One of our fantastic customers, Fabrizia, supplied us with their own hand sanitizer, made with our USP Glycerin!

We are continuing to defer in-person pick up for our customers until Spring 2021 or until further notice, and have worked with local customers when possible to alleviate any additional inconveniences for them. We miss seeing you all and look forward to when this is a thing of the past!

We know and feel for all of those whose lives and businesses have been negatively disrupted this year. We hope to offer some reprieve with our Cyber Week savings, starting Sunday, November 29th. Click here to find out what’s going on sale!

Have a happy and safe holiday!