Explaining Our Two New COSMOS Compliant Items

Shopping for a particular item and see that it’s tagged as COSMOS-Compliant? Some may wonder, what does this mean?  Well, we are here to educate and offer two new products that meet the criteria!   Our new Shampoo and Lotion bases from Stephenson are now available and both are Cosmos Compliant. They’re replacing our previously offered Shampoo and Lotion bases which did not meet COSMOS criteria.  But what exactly does COSMOS Compliant mean?  

COSMOS is an acronym for COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard, dedicated to certifying organic or natural ingredients, raw materials, or products that have been sourced under environmentally friendly criteria. In other words, these materials are processed with respect to biodiversity, the environment, and human health. This includes being committed to sustainable practices and no animal testing. “Green Chemistry” is the focus, and the increasing adoption of this type of discipline has led to a positive impact on the environment and economy.

There are four COSMOS-standard signatures: COSMOS Organic and COSMOS Natural, for cosmetic finished products; and COSMOS Certified, and COSMOS Approved, for cosmetic ingredients. Products certified by COSMOS Organic/Natural/Certified signatures fall under the scope of organic or natural cosmetic products or ingredients containing organic material, while COSMOS Approved products are under the scope of non-organic raw materials. You can read more about the criteria and difference between signatures at their website here.

Now when you see a COSMOS-Compliant product, like this new silky Lotion Base or the fully formulated Shampoo Base, you can fully trust they were produced with the care and respect of the environment as a primary focus!  

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