New Product: Turbinado Sugar

Looking for an alternative to your regular granulated sugar? Our latest new product line addition could be for you! We’re happy to announce we are now offering Organic Turbinado Sugar. In the US, it’s often branded as “raw” sugar—which isn’t actually accurate marketing by the true definition of “raw,” as this material certainly goes through a refining processing.   

Turbinado sugar comes from the first press of sugar cane. It’s only boiled once, while white granulated sugar is boiled multiple times to remove the molasses and brown color. The sugar is then spun—like in a turbine—to dry it out. This produces a tan, coarse crystal.

So… if turbinado sugar is light brown in appearance, but there is also brown sugar, what’s the difference? Brown sugar is either unrefined or white sugar with re-added molasses. You can almost think of turbinado sugar as a midway sugar between brown and white sugar, in both color and taste! Turbinado sugar, however, has much larger crystals and is less sticky to the touch than brown sugar. This makes it a better alternative in recipes that call for white sugar.

Ever see big sugary crystal chunks on top of your store-bought baked goods? It’s more than likely turbinado sugar! It is highly heat resistant, so sprinkling it on the top of a muffin or a loaf won’t cause it to melt like granulated sugar. Now you know how to fancy up your baked goods with a finishing touch of this sugar.

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