Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is one month away! Now is a perfect time to start crafting all-natural products with aromas that have a masculine touch, and we at Jedwards International Inc. supply just what you need to make these special, tailored gifts.

Popular Scents for Men

Any scent can be for any person, and everyone has different preferences! But traditionally, most men seek a spicier, woods-like aroma instead of something floral. Some popular picks are:

All of these are essential oils offered at wholesale pricing on our website,

Shaving Cream

Natural shaving cream is super simple and you know just what goes in it! Depending on what recipe you use, you may require some of the following ingredients.

  • A buttery base: most DIY creams use a butter as a base, and of those that do, it’s either Shea Butter (S1585), (B3060), (B3065) or Mango Butter (B3040), (B3041). Both carry moisturizing properties and should blend well with select natural ingredients.
  • Coconut Oil (S1150), (S1151), (S1700), (S1703), (S1140): This popular ingredient is hydrating and easy to apply!
  • Liquid Castile Soap (C2050): Some recipes omit this for an oil, or some use this in place of butter. It can thin out a blend for easier application so use sparingly for your desired consistency!
  • An oil: Oils alter the texture of the cream, giving it a better lather. You can choose any oil you’d like, but you should know that you can take 15% using code FBMAY20 off the following oils for the rest of May: Virgin Passion Fruit Seed Oil [(S1409-P), (S1409-G)], high in fatty acids and antioxidants; Virgin Organic Macadamia Nut Oil [(S1315-P), (S1007-G)] which is highly moisturizing; and the nourishing Virgin Organic Almond Oil (S1007-P), (S1007-G).
  • Essential oils are completely optional depending on your preference.

You can also take advantage of the 15% sale on Beeswax – Natural block (B4025) for May. Combined with a carrier oil like the Virgin Organic Almond Oil and an essential oil of your choice, you can formulate your very own custom beard wax!


By making your own cologne, you can tailor the scent just to how you like it. All you’ll need is:

  • A roller bottle
  • A carrier oil: It’s incredibly important to have a carrier oil when applying essential oils topically. Essential oils are typically highly concentrated, and it is recommended to dilute them with an oil such as Jojoba [(S1290), (S1300), (S1270), (S1280)] or Almond Oil (S1007-P), (S1007-G).
  • Vitamin E (V6006), (V6005) oil has antioxidant properties and helps preserve shelf life and product integrity. 
  • Fragrance: Colognes typically contain 3 different scents: Top notes are smelled immediately and most obvious to the user, but it will be the first to disappear. Middle notes will linger a bit longer, and base notes are the last you smell, but easily last the longest.


We offer a large selection of Stephenson Melt and Pour soap bases, which are vegetable-based ready-made bases, so you can easily make your own soap by add coloring, fragrance, or exfoliants! You could add dried herbs or flowers to a transparent soap like Melt & Pour Soap Base – Crystal HCVS (C2000) for a cool visual effect, or an exfoliant to a opaque bar like Melt & Pour Soap Base – Crystal Goats Milk (C1090) for a classic look.

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