Natural Cleaners

No better time for spring cleaning than now when most of us are at home! If you’re looking to replace a store-bought chemical-filled cleaner, you can opt for making your own cleaner with our natural essential oils. You can make it right at home with confidence in the ingredients you choose from our wide selection of pure essential oils and select scents you love.

Lemon (EHM1205), (EHM1200) is one of the most common cleaning ingredients and with antibacterial and antiseptic properties, it gets the job done while delivering a refreshing aroma. When combined with baking soda and water, it can also make a great scrub!

Perhaps you’re looking for a scent with a spicier, homier kick? You may be interested in pine oil (EHM1110)! Found in popular name-brand cleaners, it can be great for killing germs and fighting mildew.

If floral is more your style, tea tree oil (EHM1150), (EHM1141) is also one of the most common ingredients, not only in cleaners, but in personal-care products as well! This rejuvenating scented oil works great with white vinegar and water to use as a spray cleaner.

Lavender (E1076), (E1080) has antibacterial properties and fights odor with a soothing scent. Put in a spray bottle with some water and it acts as a great linen spray! 

The options are truly endless with such a wide variety of essential oil offered at competitive wholesale pricing available at  If you’re unfamiliar with an aroma of a listed essential oil, feel free to contact our Sales Department for a sample.