June means Summer Savings!

Summer will officially begin on Saturday, June 20th this year! The start of this summer will be nothing close to previous summers as the country is taking on a “new normal”. Cities and towns have set new rules and regulations that have and will continue to affect traditions, holidays, and what used to be ordinary summer expeditions. Beaches will be absent of typical games such as volleyball, football, or ‘Can Jam’ played in the sand. Parking lots, changing areas, and bathrooms will remain closed. Summer travel has come to a halt in various ways. Masks must be worn, social distancing is required, groups cannot be any larger than 10 people, and let’s not leave out the occupancy limit!

Everything is not doom and gloom, however, as there is still plenty to enjoy and be thankful for with the incoming warmer weather such as bike riding, walking, hiking, fishing, boating, going out for ice cream, or a simple walk along a less traveled body of water. For the crafty, create your own hand sanitizer, natural sunscreen, lip balm, or candle! The list of activities we can fully embrace goes on and we would like to to celebrate the countless blessings we still have by taking 15% of the following products:

Castor Oil
Refined Organic
S1126-G & S1126-P
Wintergreen Oil
E1290-C1, E1290-G &

Use code FBJUN20 at checkout for 15% off the wholesale price. Please note, one coupon per customer.

Rosehip Oil
Virgin Organic
E1290-C1, E1290-G, &
Shea Nut Butter Refined Organic FT FFL B3069-C
Tuna Oil 5% EPA & 25% DHA RBD
M2225-G & M2225-P
Corn Oil
Virgin Organic
S1156-G & S1156-P
Key Lime Oil Cold Pressed EHM1185-C1 & EHM1185-G

Discount cannot be applied to already discounted, tiered, or drum pricing.