The following Stephenson Personal Care Products are now available in easy to use & handle pack sizes: 5 kg and 25 kg containers:

These ready-to-go lotions are suitable for all skin and hair types. The 25 kg buckets are easy to handle! Simply open the packaging and measure the amount you desire. For those of you that require a little more than a gallon for your recipes, check out the 5 kg pack sizes.

These finished products are ready for use with the option of formulating with your preferred additives such as an essential oil to give off a desired aroma. Stuck on a Holiday gift? Grab a gallon of Lotion Base and Jasmine Fragrance Oil (E1060). Purchase an 8 oz lotion bottle with pump. Bring out your creative side and design a personalized label that you can stick on the bottle. Fill bottle with Lotion Base, add 10 drops of fragrance oil per bottle, stick on label and add a bow. Who doesn’t love moisturizing during the dry winter months?