Our Newest Cedarwood Oil Arrived Just In Time For Father’s Day!

Every third Sunday in June, many countries across the globe celebrate paternal bonds on Father’s Day! Dads and father-figures alike are acknowledged and receive special thanks, dinners, and gifts to honor them. New tools, tech items, coffees, hot sauces, and alcohol are just a few categories of gifts given on this special day. Other hot ticket items include toiletries like soaps, beard oils, and colognes – who doesn’t love receiving fresh new ways to look and feel your best?

One of our latest essential oils is a scent traditionally found in masculine-marketed personal care products: Cedarwood oil! This new product is steam distilled from the Chinese weeping tree (Cupressus funebris). Don’t get it confused with our previous Cedarwood Oil, which is sourced from the Texas cedar tree, Juniperus mexicana.

Cupressus Funebris or Chinese Cedarwood Oil carries a fresh and woodsy aroma. Cedarwood oils are used in bulk formulations of deodorants, haircare, bodywash, cologne, and aftershave, not only for the rich scent but for potential anti-inflammatory qualities. On its own, it may be diffused for aromatherapy, creating a soothing environment reminiscent of deep forests and old houses.

Potential antiseptic properties found in Cedarwood Oil have led to its inclusion in commercial and natural cleaning products. Some users have also reported an insect-repellent effect due to its strong concentrated smell.

If you’re formulating a product that needs a powerful earthy kick, pick up Cedarwood oil at wholesale pricing on bulknaturaloils.com today!