New All Natural Ingredients: Pea Protein 80% – Conventional and Organic!

Many formulators and manufacturers have been requesting us to offer our latest product addition for quite some time! Wait no longer, Jedwards is now offering Pea Protein Powder, available as both organic certified and non-organic options!

Both varieties of our Pea Protein 80% powders carry a yellow hue with a bland flavor profile.  This highly sought after material is derived from ground non-GMO yellow peas, with the 80% notation referring to the minimum protein content.  This plant-based powder is high in a variety of both essential and non-essential amino acids. It is also known to be a great source of iron!

Pea Protein powder has trended massively in recent years as the number of consumers who prefer vegan or non-dairy ingredients continues to rise. Most popularly, pea protein is a substitute for whey or soy protein powders for allergen friendly and dairy-free brands.

Protein powders are desired by vegans and vegetarians to supplement their diet and by those looking to promote muscle development. It is widely used throughout the food and beverage industry in formulations for protein shakes, protein powder mixes, meal replacement beverages, baby food, pet feed, ice cream, pastas, and baked goods. Some nutritional supplement manufacturers will also utilize pea protein due to its iron and amino acid content.

If you need a nutrient-rich protein source, pick up Pea Protein 80% at wholesale pricing on!