NEW: Ho Wood Oil and Ho Leaf Oil

We’re delighted to add these two new products, expanding our essential oil catalog even further: Ho Leaf Oil and Ho Wood Oil! Both of these oils come from the tree Cinnamomum camphora linalooliferum. If that tree sounds at all familiar, it’s because it is also the source of our White Camphor Oil!

While derived from the same plant, each oil yields a slightly different aroma as they originate from different parts of the Camphor tree. Ho Leaf Oil, steam distilled from the leaves, is woodsy and floral with a specific spicy note. Ho Wood Oil, steam distilled from the branches, twigs, bark or root of the tree, is undoubtedly similar however it is notably less reminiscent of spice. 

These two new oils are hidden gems for fragrance manufacturing, especially for perfumes and colognes. They are often used as substitutes for the much-loved Rosewood Oil due to their similarity in scent. The Rosewood tree is an endangered species, so Ho Wood and Ho Leaf Oil are environmentally more friendly of an option for your formulations! In addition to fragrances, massage oils, aromatherapy, or other personal care products, Ho Wood and Ho Leaf Oil may be used in bulk industrial applications for their high content of linalool.

How do these special oils compare to White Camphor Oil? White Camphor Oil, one of several types of camphor oil, is an essential oil separated from crude camphor that has been steam-distilled from the wood and bark of Cinnamomum camphora. The oil is fresh and powerful, often compared to eucalyptus oil, due to its significant eucalyptol content. White Camphor Oil is highly desired as an ingredient in topical rubs, balms, massage oils, and creates a refreshing environment in aromatherapy.

Whichever fresh and natural scent suits you, you can order them today at wholesale pricing on!