photo of ripe mangoes

Celebrate Mango Butter on National Mango Day!

Which exotic fruit is a great additive to smoothies, desserts, salsas, or simply considered a highly prized melon by itself? July 22nd is National Mango Day, so we’re talking about mangoes! An edible stone fruit native to the south and southeastern Asian region, this sweet fruit is perhaps more than 5,000 years old. While we don’t sell any actual mangoes, we do sell mango-based products!

Jedwards supplies both conventional and organic offerings of refined Mango Butter, a versatile natural ingredient extracted from the kernel of Mangifera indica and cold-pressed into a buttery substance. Our mango butters go through a double filtration process, leaving the end-product extra smooth and free of debris.  It is further refined and deodorized to result in a mango butter carrying a white appearance with a neutral to mild odor, while being solid at room temperature. Mango Butter is comprised of oleic and stearic acid, yielding excellent emollient properties.

These qualities make it a perfect ingredient or base for a variety of personal health and cosmetic products. This includes body butters, lotions, bath bombs, hair masks and styling gels. Many topical body butters, lotions, and masks containing mango butter often market themselves as products to rejuvenate dry and damaged skin.

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